Approaches to Relaxation

Living in the moment is a sense of true relaxation. When you can focus on just what you are doing without the thought of the 10 things that you have to do after, or just feeling so anxious that it paralyzes your life is a way to go throughout the day. Do you feel you are running throughout the day instead of enjoying what you are doing in a tranquil state of mind. Peacefulness and being able to unwind daily is becoming harder and harder as we live our fast pace technology lifestyle.

Getting you to be able to sit back and relax is one of the points we pride ourselves on. Canabiodiol (CBD) is one of the best ways to be able to loosen up after being wound up tight all day from life responsibilities.

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory compound proven to reduce anxiety benefiting people with post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. Below is a list of ways to relax and I'm sure you have tried many of them. Chillax Gummies is a great option that just may be the trick to relaxing and getting a better night of sleep.

A 2007 University of Cambridge study found that people who coped the best with stressful life events had a 24 percent lower risk of having a stroke and in 2011 showed effects of work related stress attributing to psychological stress that among men and women caused about 10 percent of strokes. This is why being able to bring your blood pressure down and relax is so important for quality of life. If you’re going to relax it might as well be all natural and not only natural but also taste flavorful.

Breathing Meditation Slow, deep breaths can help lower blood pressure and heart rate. Find a comfortable spot in a quiet place, concentrate on your breathing in from your nose and breathing out from your mouth. With each breath you will feel calmer and less anxious. By concentzrationing on your breathe and clearing your thoughts you will slowly move closer to inner peace.

A Hot Cup of Decaffeinated  Tea With so many varieties of tea, it is fun to experiment with different flavors. Make sure you pick a that is decaffeinated. Slowly sipping on a hot cup of tea is a relaxing way to slow your mind and body down to feel relaxed.

Enjoy a bit of Dark Chocolate Dark chocolate regulates levels of the stress hormone cortisol and can calm your nerves.

Treat Yourself to a Foot or Full Body Massage It seems like every city I visit I see signs for a foot massage. Ranging between $25-$35 for an hour in price this added luxury of body work takes all your stress away. A professional massage gives an instant relaxation throughout your mind and body. As a bonus, ask if they have any essential oils that they can use.

Aromatherapy with Essential Oils It takes just a minute to drip some lavender, tea tree, or another essential oil into your palm and inhale. The soothing scents may help send stress and anxiety packing by stimulating smell receptors in the nose that connect to the part of the brain that regulates emotions. Dab on some lavender oil.

Get Organized and Clean the Clutter A stack of papers, three tape dispensers, a bunch of misshapen paperclips: All this clutter could be contributing to stress. Take a few minutes to reorganize your desk (or table, or wherever you are), leaving just what you need on top.

Lie Down and Raise Your Legs Up Put your feet up—against the wall, of course. The Vipariti Kiraniyoga pose involves lying on the floor and resting the legs up against a wall. Not only does it give the body a good stretch, but it helps create peace of mind, too.

Stretch Standing up for a quick stretch can relieve muscle tension and help us relax during a stressful workday . Why not try a shoulder roll-out or a chest-opening stretch right from the desk chair.

Take a Quick Walk, Run in Place or Do Jumping Jacks We may not be able to run away from stress, but it’s worth practicing. Try running in place for a few minutes to get those endorphins flowing. Even brief physical activity can help beat stress.

Dance Join a local Salsa class, turn your radio up and get your grove on. Research shows people feel less anxious after swinging and swaying your hips, arms and shoulders.

Laugh "Laughter is the best Medicine" is not just a saying, it is a great way to beat stress. Science shows a fit of hysterics increases blood flow and boost the bodies immune system relieving stress naturally. Just start laughing, stand up, sit down just start laughing and continue to laugh. Sounds crazy but this exercise can do wonders. Even more fun if you can do this with a friend or a group of people.

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